Veggies Over All Else

veggiesI never thought I’d see the day that one of my kiddos would actually choose vegetables over the main part of the meal. Never. Ever. Never! But that’s exactly what she did.

So tonight I gave the kids a choice of cucumber slices or a tossed salad as the veggie portion of dinner. We were having taquitos with salsa &/or sour cream as our main meal and I wasn’t surprised when the boys chose cucumber slices and K chose salad. Then she did one better and asked for cherry tomatoes to be added. That’s my girl!

We were all very excited about this meal as it is a special treat, er deviation, from my attempts at home cooking. The boys were very satisfied with cucumbers and ranch and K wolfed down her salad first thing. Then M was a bit skeptical of the name taquito for what he was eating. After explaining to all the three what taquitos were and what they were made of, the boys heartily gobbled up what remained on their plates. K, however, was not thrilled anymore. She insisted on sour cream for dipping and then proceeded to dip her taquito into the sour cream and lick it off repeatedly. She then declared that she wanted more salad and no “ta-key-os.” When told “no, we eat what we are given and then ask for more of what we liked,” she cried and whined and professed that she only likes salad and nothing else.

It is simply amazing how much she likes fruits and veggies over most anything else. As our pediatrician would say, “As long as she’s gaining weight and not having any other health issues, then why not?”

What do your kids prefer–protein or veggies? Have any tips/tricks for getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Leave a suggestion by commenting below.

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