School’s Out

(Feel free to add the remaining Alice Cooper lyrics out loud if you wish.)

Well, another year is in the books. Can’t believe my oldest just finished 4th grade & the twins “graduated” from PreK! Every year around this time I feel a bit nostalgic about my days as a student and as a teacher. As a student, the memories of friends gathered in the halls, plotting the details of our days lounging by the pool and nights spent at baseball games and sleepovers come to mind. As a teacher, I would take the first week off and rest to recuperate from the stresses of end of the year responsibilities.

One of my fondest memories from childhood summers was our annual vacation to Illinois to visit relatives for three weeks when I was 12. We journeyed to the Midwest every year until I was in high school but this time we drove, which we hardly ever did. I remember loving the math class I had the year prior and was determined to calculate the total miles between our home and Grammie and Grampie’s house, the miles and time traveled between cities and attractions along the way, and how many days we would spend in the car. I know, I know. I completely geeked out on math that summer, but it sure was fun.

Another memorable summer was the year our neighborhood had an enormous 4th of July celebration. It was complete with a decorated bike parade, a water balloon fight, fireworks, my first late curfew, and homemade ice cream stations for all the kids to build sundaes. That was the best summer ever on our block.

So what are your most vivid summer memories? What did you do? Where did you go? Who was with you on your adventures? Feel free to share your memorable moments in the comments below.