Hello & welcome! Here on FiveMasons I generally blog about genres ranging from typical family comedy and drama (getting kids to do chores, making time for date night, lunches left behind, twins getting sick at the same time, etc.) to specific experiences such as raising boy/girl twins and their older brother, our large age-gap marriage (and how it fits our personalities so well), and our husband/wife kidney transplant journey. Please feel free to browse our website–blog, eats, reviews, and more. We hope you find something to make you say “hmm” or “wow” or even just make you feel good. We’re glad you are here!

The Interesting Top Ten
1. Married since 2000. That way A will never forget how long we’ve been married.
2. Three beautiful, endlessly energetic children–C and M & K (boy/girl twins)
3. We love dogs but J refuses to adopt another one until the twins are a bit older. “What? They make enough of a mess as it is.” (see #8)
4. All 3 kids attend our church’s parochial school. Truly blessed!
5. Arizona State University football is a family must-watch.
6. 80’s music makes up at least half our playlists no matter the device.
7. We are loud. I mean we love to laugh/scream/squeal/talk as loud as possible and then turn around and laugh at how loud we are. Can you hear us?
8. Our favorite phrase as parents is “Put that away!” (see #3)
9. From Spring to Fall, we try to catch as many DBacks games as possible.
10. Road trips make our family stronger. Really.

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