Thanks for connecting with me! I do read all emails. However, because we are a very active family of five, I am unable to respond to every one of them. In the meantime, how can I help?

Want to guest post on FiveMasons? Or want us to guest post on your blog?
I am accepting guest posts on a case by case basis. Please ensure your submission fits with our family friendly site and selective readership. Email your pitch to info at fivemasons dot com with the subject line “Guest Post Submission.”

If you would like for me to guest post on your blog or other publication, please email your concept, requirements, and compensation proposal to info at fivemasons dot com with the subject “Guest Post Opportunity.”

Would you like for us to review your product or Service?
Criteria for product or service reviews on FiveMasons is available upon proposal from your company/brand. Please email reviews at fivemasons com for consideration. If it’s a good fit, I will email you in 48 hours from receipt of request.

Want to link, share, or repost?
If you’d like to tell your readers about my site or a particular post, please feel free to write 1-3 sentences and link back to our site. Please keep in mind that all my content is copyrighted, so be courteous and use a small excerpt and link back to the original content/post/graphic on my site. Thank you!

Have a project that needs editing, proofreading, or writing services?
I am currently accepting new projects. Send me your project outline or pitch at info at fivemasons dot com. with “Request for Writing/Editing Services” in the subject line. Replies with a decision are usually made within 48 hours; if you don’t hear from me, email me again and mark as urgent. Thanks and I look forward to seeing if your project is a good fit.

You can connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram or email us at info at fivemasons dot com.

Didn’t find your answer here?
Reach out via email! Send general questions/comments to info at fivemasons dot com or subscribe to email updates. Thanks!

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