Reality? Check.

Think things couldn’t get any better in the Valley of the Sun during the hot, muggy nights in the dead of summer? Just as the monsoons start to release the dust and rain over everything (EVERTHING!), your good night’s sleep is interrupted by the sounds of……..thunder? Pounding rain? Nope. Stomping feet and vomit. Yes, I said vomit. Only for us Continue reading Reality? Check.

The 5M Roster

J = wife, mother, personal chauffeur/chef/housekeeper/booboo-kisser/storyteller for our party of five, sports enthusiast, former teacher, curly girl I am the primary blogger here at but am also a writer, editor, and proofreader after over a decade of teaching English. There are days I go without makeup (scary!) and spend most of my, um, “free” time doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, Continue reading The 5M Roster